Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Cartoon in Production "Kat Burglar"

This is the current cartoon in production, currently doing the sketches, character design, bg music, voice acting auditions, animation tests, and story boarding. Mainly everything. But once this is done should be the most animated cartoon on flashcartoons.org. Might take a month but worth it in the end. Keep checking back for production notes, drawings and roughs.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome to the Official FLASHCARTOONS.ORG blog!

Finally! First we make a myspace account and that has been a great success, and now we venture into BLOGGING! I guess if everyone else is doing it! But if everyone jumps off a bridge we wont, dont worry. We have to many cartoons to make to ever do that!!! Since Auguest 2006, I have made 9 new cartoons, that are not sprite animated. I figured with sprite animation there is no future, you cant use copywright characters and expect to go anywhere with them.

So! I have made regular 2d animated characters, please bear with me while I learn the animation ways! Since Auguest I have made titles such as;

"Braveheart Wasted"
"Guitar Hero Broke My Knee"
"Britney Spears Burping"
"Little Sally Sue"
"Weird Al - You're Pitiful"
"Introducing the Emo's"
"Introducing the Emo's 2"
"Introducing the Emo's 3"

Each of those cartoons are found on.