Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome to the Official FLASHCARTOONS.ORG blog!

Finally! First we make a myspace account and that has been a great success, and now we venture into BLOGGING! I guess if everyone else is doing it! But if everyone jumps off a bridge we wont, dont worry. We have to many cartoons to make to ever do that!!! Since Auguest 2006, I have made 9 new cartoons, that are not sprite animated. I figured with sprite animation there is no future, you cant use copywright characters and expect to go anywhere with them.

So! I have made regular 2d animated characters, please bear with me while I learn the animation ways! Since Auguest I have made titles such as;

"Braveheart Wasted"
"Guitar Hero Broke My Knee"
"Britney Spears Burping"
"Little Sally Sue"
"Weird Al - You're Pitiful"
"Introducing the Emo's"
"Introducing the Emo's 2"
"Introducing the Emo's 3"

Each of those cartoons are found on.


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Hey...I think I know you from somewhere, but I, er, I just can't place you

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You remember him from last night [hehez]