Monday, July 16, 2007

**Voice Actor Needed** For Carl the Convict

I'm opening auditions for a voice actor for Carl the convict (Title still pending) Basically the kind of voice I am thinking I need is a dumbfounded type yogi bear voice. But not yogi. Also you must have the ability to turn that voice to sound screachy say, he trys to act like a kid so he makes his voice sound more kid like but you can still tell its the dumb voice. Here is some of the script:

"Coast clear?"
"I need to change clothes, these will get me caught"
"Now I need a place to hide"

I think that is enough, so please send your voice acting to me VIA email.


Pat the Pirate said...

Still need a voice actor? I'd be interested. It's not something I've done much of so I need the practice for sure.

I'll try to put something together when I get some time in the next couple days.

flashcartoons said...

hey man sure you can try out